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100 Press Ups a day for November 2023 - NHSOTR fund raiser for cancer research

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

100 press ups a day in November - for CRUK :

This is a shameless blog asking readers for sponsorship. Click the photo to link and donate! But hopefully also useful reminder to us all of the need to be aware of cancer, and to take personal responsibility for early diagnosis.

CRUK has a group Facebook page where people raising money for this good cause can chat and offer mutual support. This has been a help over the first 23 days of this personal test. I was surprised initially by a degree of toxic masculinity on show there, scoffing at others attempts and pumping their own egos. Despite that testosterone fuelled element overall it's been a positive and useful experience for me. I guess every group will get its Trolls but think it was a shame to see it in its full glory on such a worthy group. Shut up and bully someone else!

At NHS on the Run, we are all about healthy transition to retirement. Our journey so far, apart from a bothersome eye issue, has been blessed health wise.

But as former health care workers we are passionate about those of us whose careers, retirements and lives are affected directly by cancer.

We have witnessed cancer really close up. At work and at home. My mum had breast cancer, Mrs NHSOTR's mum died after battling ovarian cancer for many years. Her gran and uncle had bowel cancer. Father lives with prostate cancer. Too many of you, who are regular readers and friends of ours, have had your own personal battles with cancers both some years ago and very recent. We have close friends and relatives who have successfully battled with skin, testicular , bowel, breast and ovarian cancers. People we love, who without cancer research would potentially not have been given the life opportunities that they have had.

Today, cancer survivorship is an area of increasing importance because now more than half of cancer sufferers are alive and disease free at 5 years. This is down to modern cancer research. There has been such an amazing change to outcome during the course of our careers.

Also please remember :

Early diagnosis of cancer is so important. Please go for breast or bowel screening if it's offered. Men please read about and consider whether Prostate cancer screening is something you want. Please keep up to date with cervical screening. Please check your own balls and boobs. If you have a skin lesion you aren't sure about, go get it looked at. If your cough drags on get an X-ray. If you see blood in you wee or poo tell your GP. There is so much treatment available now, but it's very much more effective when given early!

To help in whatever small way we can is a privilege. So this month I've embarked on the 100 press ups a day challenge. Click here to donate to my page

Please either donate if you can afford to or join up and do the challenge yourself.

This article is linked directly to as many self help and information links regarding this subject as I can incorporate, so please use the links to learn more about any of the subjects that interest you.

Today is 23rd of November and I managed 100 this morning. That's 2300 down and 700 to go! So despite a sniffly virus I'm going to achieve the target.

I'm doing them at home, I'm not supervised but hope you believe I shall try and do them as well as possible. I will update you here regarding progress. I will post some photos below when I've got them.

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