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Thinking of buying Nessa?

Updated: Apr 1

I guess the whole point of having a van is to enrich our lives? The conversion and alterations to achieve Motorhome registration with DVLA was entirely done to allow family to benefit from using her. read our article introducing Van Nessa our 17 seater conversion here.

And enrich our lives she has, allowing us freedom we hadn't known existed. We stopped worrying about moving home and literally bought a moving home!

So what was the big deal about lending her out? That's part of the joy, surely? Well yes, kinda! So why did "dad can we borrow Nessa?" come as such a shock when it came, as it inevitably would???

Perhaps for the same reason we bought a two berth van, a two seater monster, cos there's only room for two? She was OURS!

Stop, rewind, reflect and possible stop being so precious ? "But she really big, hard to drive, it'll take ages to show you how to use her, and the toilet will need emptying."

"Still, can we borrow her?"

So, well , mmmm, I guess so !

Reluctance may have been understatement.

So highly competent son number 1 and his lovely wife are , as I write, away in the New Forest enjoying the benefits of our life enriching VanNessa ! and the point is: I'm truely glad they are! Sharing is caring as they say..... what could possibly go wrong ? In the process of lending her out I made a few short videos that I hope may be useful if you borrow or buy her in future?:

Here is everything you need to know to enjoy her:

Thinking of buying Nessa click here part 1 - and when you've seen part 1 there's a link there for part two ...

Or read all our blogs at nhsontherun

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David Price
David Price
18 avr. 2022

As we have an existing booking, I’m very glad that there is a full set of manuals and video tutorials.

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