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A Roman parking ticket.

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

In October 2021, last year, nine months ago, a really long time ago, cant stress enough how historical this is, we went to Rome. Lovely. Special wedding celebration. Lots of Amore and Amarone. Fun times. But really quite a long time ago. I might have mentioned that?

Times have moved on! Even the queen has had time to develop an acute cheeky sense of comedy timing. Not, however, the Vatican City metropolitan police ! A parking infringement payable to the pope! I was sceptical. I smell a papal rat? Conned by a man wearing a cape and a cone? Yes, ye assembled faithful, nine months later, they have sent a guilt edged collection plate around to my house. Recorded delivery from our Lord. Much like a virgin birth, the summons to Papal high court came as something of a shock. I think most people would have been surprised?

Apparently riding standing up in an ice cream van is ok, but driving down the street leading to our hotel between the hours of 9.30am and 11.30am was heinous!

Of course my initial reaction involved the pope in an act of self inflicted copulation. The ticket MUST be a joke? Miranda'esq in its humour, but a joke nonetheless ?

I shall ignore it....

Or, should I??

"Grow a pair" the crowd bays! "they can't get you, you're in England"

I reach for my friendly legal expert, Judge Google.

In summary research suggests it it was me. Bang to rights. Photos and all. There are whole blogs on the subject! There is an entire section of TripAdvisor dedicated to unpleasant mocking of others foolish enough to drive in Rome. Not only does HE issue and send fines recorded delivery, but many are those who have ignored, to find that His Holiness sends the boys round! Yes, Vatican City pay local enforcement bailiffs to ransack your bank account with extra charges, escalating the "pay it now" price of 92€ to an unholy €500 within weeks of "forgetting to pay"!

Mia Culpa, as I might have said if I had actually completed the Latin course I promised myself before going to Rome. Sign reading at speed on the wrong side of the road is hard enough, but in Italian it may reasonably be assumed impossible. No excuse, fine paid, lesson learned, 92€ down, I can do nothing but warn you!

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